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When must an SDF be submitted?
When is an SDF not required?
Where do I file an SDF?
Is there a fee to submit an SDF?
Which Conditions on the SDF form trigger a filing fee?
Where can I find an electronic copy of the SDF form?
How many parcels can be submitted on one form?
If two parcels are separated by a road, are they considered contiguous?
If you are preparing an SDF and the property has 13 parcels where do you list the additional 11 parcels? The form only has room for two parcel numbers, Part 1 boxes A and B.
If all the contiguous parcels are on one form, do I have to split the value?
I have a transaction that requires three different SDFs because the parcels are not contiguous, but they were all sold for one price in one transaction. How do I split the value?
What is a conveyance document?
What is not a conveyance document?
When can a quitclaim deed not serve as a source of title, and therefore be exempt from filing?
The conveyance was for no consideration. However, the deed says “for $1 and other valuable consideration.” How should we proceed?
Is an affidavit a “conveyance document” under I.C. 6-1.1-5.5-2?
Under Condition B(14), what are documents “involving the partition of land between tenants in common, joint tenants, or tenants by the entirety”?
Is an SDF required with a land contract? If so, what is the sales price?
If mortgages are not subject to the SDF, why does the form require information regarding seller paid points, interest rates, etc.?
How should a foreclosure sale, such as a sheriff’s sale, be processed? When is the form fee exempt?
This transfer is actually a split. What should I put for the parcel number?
Does a “land swap” require an SDF, such as farm ground for farm ground?
How should easements and right-of-way grants be handled?
Do transfers from a testamentary trust require an SDF? What about non-supervised distributions from an estate?
Do Transfer on Death deeds require an SDF?
The online form depicts the first names of the buyer and seller as required fields. What if the buyer or seller is a business?
What is the “Unique ID” number?
What personal property should be included in the sale? How am I to arrive at the value?
The parcel I’m buying is vacant land and doesn’t have a mailing address. What should I list as the address of the property?
Should the tax billing address on Page 1 of the form be the current, pre-transaction mailing address for tax bills or should it be the tax billing address of the buyer after conveyance?
What number is required in Item 1 in Part 1?
What is considered an accurate and complete SDF?
Are all the pages required when submitting an SDF?
What if the parties do not have a phone number?
What if one or more of the parties does not have an email address?
Can SDFs filled out in longhand be accepted?
How do you make a change to an SDF that has been submitted?